What’s the Difference Between a Sweepstakes and Contest?

Clients often interchange the words “sweepstakes” or “giveaways” and “contest” when describing their promotion, but the actual terminology you use to advertise your promotion to the public (and, state regulators) can get you in hot water (or keep you out … Read More

5 Facebook Giveaway Rules Every Marketer Should Know

5 Facebook Giveaway Rules Every Marketer Should Know

If you’re familiar with social media, you know the algorithms are ever changing. Facebook in particular makes changes quite frequently! Luckily, their rules and requirements for running a giveaway or other promotion using their platform have stayed fairly consistent over … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Online Sweepstakes and Contests for Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Online Sweepstakes and Contests for Kids

If you’re a kid at heart, strumming up an awesome idea for a promotion for the littles is a dream. But, this is not the time to test boundaries! There are very specific rules laid out for online promotions geared … Read More

How to Run an Effective Sweepstakes or Contest

Hosting sweepstakes and contests online is a great way to spread brand awareness and draw new customers to your business. People who participate in your promotions do your marketing for you instantly through social media, email, blogs and texting. While … Read More

Sweepstakes Registration and Bonding Requirements

Games of chance having a total prize pool over $5,000 or more are typically subject to bonding and registration requirements in certain states.  Bonding and registration requirements are set forth by these states to ensure consumers are protected when a … Read More

How to Determine the ARV of a Prize

When we write the official rules for your sweepstakes or contest, we need to determine and disclose the approximate retail value (or “ARV”) of each prize you are awarding.  And, while some prizes are very easy to attribute a value, … Read More

Cash vs. Gift Card: Which is a Better Sweepstakes Prize?

We’ve talked about what types of prizes consumers want and how to determine the ARV. It’s important how to talk about gift cards and the reciprocal values awarding a gift card will have on your brand. Here’s a few reasons … Read More

What if the Winner Turns Down your Sweepstakes Prize?

You’ve thought of an amazing promotion. You’ve advertised, had tons of entries and picked a winner to receive the fabulous prize you’re giving away. Annnnnnd, they don’t want it. What do you do? While it might seem easy to say … Read More

10 Ways to Advertise your Sweepstakes or Contest

One of the most important elements of your sweepstakes or contest is how you advertise. After all, this is the way you encourage entrants to enter, learn more about your brand, and hopefully, spread the word to their friends.  How … Read More