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Official Rules & Legal Compliance

We’ll help you structure your sweepstakes or contest so it complies with promotional law, originate your official rules and legal disclaimers, and bond and register with the applicable states.

Online Entry Collection & AMOE Processing

Our team creates custom websites to collect entries (social campaigns and online instant win included!) and collects physical or write in entries for your sweepstakes, contest or game.

Winner Selection & Notification

We conduct random drawings and judge contest entries. And, we’ll notify your winners by email or telephone and ensure affidavits and other releases are executed.

Prize Fulfillment

Whether its a cash prize or a trip around the world, we’ll facilitate affidavits, IRS paperwork and procurement of all prize elements..

Interactive Games

From online instant win, to in-store scratch off games, we’ll create the websites, print the forms and ensure compliance.

International Promotions

We’ll review the countries you want to include, advise on the laws, provide translations and obtain necessary permits.

Strategy. Design. Execution.

We support brands and agencies of all sizes looking for niche marketing solutions. Our customized promotions match your branding, top to bottom.


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Relationship Building is Our Thing.

Whether you have one promotion or one hundred, we're here for you every step of the way.

Dedicated Project Lead

While our entire team works together to bring your promotions to life, we assign one experienced project manager to oversee all of your campaigns.

Volume Pricing

Got lots of promotions in the pipeline? We’ll set forth a volume price schedule, allowing you to plan without budgetary surprises or delays in receiving a quote.

How to create an amazing promotional campaign

Fast Turn-around? Done.

We'll have you up and running in one week or less. And, if you need it sooner, we'll make it happen.


A free consultation will kick things off. We'll assess your marketing goals and help to structure your promotion to meet them while ensuring legal compliance.


We'll put together a comprehensive proposal, detailing the services needed and all associated costs. We work with your budget to get the job done.


We will work with your legal team to finalize the service contract and promotion timeline. Once complete and signed, we start working on the project immediately.


Our first draft of official rules and legal disclaimers will be in your hands for review within 1-3 business days from receipt of signed contract which gets the ball rolling on other services.

We’re Happy to Share.

Our blog is an excellent resource for legal information, promotion strategy and sweepstakes ideas. Got questions? Consultations are ALWAYS free.

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