Sweepstakes Legal Rules marketing

Sweepstakes Legal Rules & Requirements for Your Next Promotion

Planning to run a sweepstakes? Online giveaways have been and continue to be one of the best ways for brands and agencies to grow their email lists, engage their social audience, spread brand awareness and increase sales. Because sweepstakes, contests … Read More

10 Creative Giveaway Ideas and Over 20 Ways to Promote Them

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Sweepstakes Laws in New York

Residents of New York receive millions of invitations to participate in sweepstakes each year. But since many of those invitations are fraudulent, the state’s attorney general and consumer protection divisions keep a watchful eye on all sweepstakes (even those run … Read More

Sweepstakes Laws in Michigan and Ohio

Like many states across the US, the states of Michigan and Ohio follow general promotion laws and guidelines, and both require material terms—such as promotion start and end dates, entry instructions, description of how winners will be determined, and prize … Read More

Sweepstakes Laws in Florida

Like New York, the state of Florida is clear on its laws surrounding game promotions, which include contests, games of chance, and sweepstakes. These laws protect consumers, and the state will enforce the laws with penalties, including legal recourse and … Read More

Sweepstakes Laws in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the third US state that requires sponsors to submit certain chance promotions to the state for registration before the promotion goes live. New York and Florida also impose registration and bond requirements for games of chance. Defining … Read More

How to Grow Your Business and Brand with Influencer Marketing

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Sweepstakes and the Law: How to Stay Legally Compliant

Running a sweepstakes or contest and what you need to know about promoting it while ensuring it observes all federal and state-level legal restrictions. Running sweepstakes and contests can boost your sales while also providing the rush of excitement of … Read More