It’s essential to show love for our mothers whenever possible. But especially during Mother’s Day season, families work hard to find the perfect gift to show their mom they care.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for businesses to market products and services relevant to this holiday. However, many companies must learn how to best market their goods and services to these potential customers. As a result, knowing some mother’s day giveaway ideas can help your business take advantage of this niche marketing time.

Importance of Preparing for a Short Promotional Window

Mother’s Day can be highly lucrative for businesses. In 2021, the average family spent about $220 on Mother’s Day gifts, equating to over $28 billion in potential revenue throughout the season.

Mother’s Day presents a significant opportunity for profit and promotion. However, it’s crucial to note that the window for these niche marketing efforts is short.

Prime time to market to Mother’s Day consumers is just after the Easter Holiday through the beginning of May. Businesses must plan promotional events and giveaways ahead of time so they’re ready to launch for that short period.

Target Audience and Platform Consideration

Understanding the difference between the promotional platform and target audience is crucial to marketing during this short surge. It’s no secret that social media platforms cater to different demographics. Therefore, one of the first primary considerations is what platforms you will use to advertise your giveaway or contest.

Instagram and Tiktok are typically better suited to younger demographics. Although many people assume that the primary target demographic for Mother’s Day is other primary caregivers, companies need to tap into the potential of younger markets.

Children still in school and young twenty-somethings are a lucrative Mother’s Day marketing sector. This group can motivate other primary caregivers to spend more or buy something special for Mother’s Day. As a result, promotional competitions and giveaways should prioritize creating events that engage these groups.

Giveaway and Contest Ideas

Below are some ideas for promotional events to capitalize on the lucrative Mother’s Day shopping season. Remember that with any promotional event, federal and state laws will govern how you plan the official rules for the event.

Live Events

Live events are excellent for the few weeks leading up to Mother’s Day or the day itself. These competitions can be creative and allow you to market to participants while they play. Check out some ideas for live promotional events below.

Mother Daughter Competitions

Mother-daughter competitions are a great way to get families together and have a fun contest with super cool prizes. Create obstacle courses, talent competitions, and fun arts and crafts to challenge mother-daughter duos to celebrate their love.


Baking with mom is a great way to bond and make something great. Create a bakeoff contest with a special prize to engage mother-child duos.

5k’s and Philanthropic Events

Another great way to engage potential customers is to create 5K or other philanthropic fundraising events. Remember that promotions can offer customers the prize of giving back. Creating charitable events where winners can benefit organizations they feel passionate about is a great way to engage your target audience.

Social Media Giveaway

The rise of social media has revolutionized promotional events. Because of the ease of resharing on social media, creating an Instagram or Tiktok competition, giveaway, or promotion is one of the best ways to engage potential customers. Explore some social media Mother’s Day giveaway ideas.

Comment to Enter

One great social media promotional strategy is a comment-to-enter giveaway. These giveaways allow followers to comment to enter. Entrants usually have to follow the company’s page, share the post, and tag friends to join, bringing traffic to those accounts.

Photo Contest

Create a photo contest for your followers. Challenge them to try getting the best Mother’s Day picture for a prize.

Video Contest

Create a competition asking your followers to create a Mother’s Day video for a prize.

Instant Win

Instant win competitions are legal games of chance where companies randomly select entrants or use other chance based instant win scenarios for prizes. Unlike lotteries, though, instant wins over social media remain legal by requiring nothing of value to enter (i.e. “No purchase necessary”).

Prize Ideas

One of the essential facets of any promotional event is the prize. There are many great prize opportunities for a niche holiday like Mother’s Day with a strong family connection.

Offer prizes that the whole family can take advantage of, such as trips, getaways, show tickets, concerts, or other live events. You can also offer prizes for moms, such as spa days, restaurant gift certificates, or gift baskets. Ensure that all prizes adhere to state and federal laws for sweepstakes and contests.

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