A promotion, giveaway, or sweepstakes is a great way to expand your business and create great user-generated content. You can gain more brand recognition, bring in new customers, and even go viral on social media. However, you might be wondering if you need a legal disclaimer. 

Do I Need a Giveaway Disclaimer?

While giveaways and promotional contests are a great way to drive sales, having a legal disclaimer is required and it can protect you as potential winners start entering. Some legal requirements a sweepstakes disclaimer must include are: 

  • End date for the sweepstakes or giveaway
  • Any locations (including states) where a selected winner is disqualified or can’t enter
  • Any age or other requirements for entering
  • A link to the full official rules (or a note stating where the entrants can find the rules)
  • Clear language that stipulates that a purchase isn’t necessary to enter and won’t increase or lower the chances of winning 

Making Sure Your Legal Disclaimer Is Compliant

There’s a lot that goes into sweepstakes marketing. Your legal disclaimer needs to comply with strict guidelines and laws and must be included on all methods of advertising (whether on air, in print or online). 

Your first goal should be to have a clearly laid out set of full official sweepstakes rules covering all your legal bases. You can then create your legal disclaimer from there as  you’ll need to include this disclaimer in all your points of sales and marketing materials. 

Enlisting the help of an attorney or our team at National Sweepstakes Company can help ensure your promotion is on the up and up. 

Let National Sweepstakes Company Help With Your Sweepstake Disclaimer

A sweepstake or giveaway is a great way to boost a business and gain new customers. However, you want to make sure your giveaway or sweepstakes legal disclaimer is airtight. Luckily, our team at National Sweepstakes Company is well-equipped to handle any promotional contest or giveaway. 

Make sure your giveaway disclaimer is compliant by calling the National Sweepstakes Company at 888-744-3217!

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