If you’re running a sweepstakes or other game of chance, the first and most important thing you need to know is how people will sign up. Of course, you should have a reliable primary registration method, but you must also be ready to offer an alternate method of entry (AMOE) if the primary method involves “consideration”.

Here, we’ll examine what an AMOE is, how it affects sweepstakes giveaways, and how you can choose the right one.

Defining AMOE

AMOE stands for “Alternate Method of Entry” and is a necessary tenant for sweepstakes and other luck-based games. Essentially, AMOE is a secondary way for interested parties to sign up for those events outside the primary method.

Your AMOE must provide entrants with an equal chance of winning (the same as your primary entry method). For example, you cannot give two sweepstakes tickets to people who purchase a product, and only one for those signing up via the AMOE.

Common Types of AMOE

There are some restrictions on what qualifies as an AMOE. But, in general, as long as it’s free of effort or cost and weighted equally to the primary entry form, it can be deemed a viable AMOE.

Some of the most common types of AMOE include:

  • Completing a simple entry form online
  • Writing in by mail
  • Following the brand on social media

Why AMOE Are Important for Sweepstakes

The critical factor setting sweepstakes apart from lotteries is that you cannot require an entrant to pay (monetary consideration) or put too much effort forth (non-monetary consideration) to enter. That doesn’t mean that your primary sweepstakes entry methods must be free; it just means that if you’re charging people to sign up or other consideration is present, you have to offer an additional cost-free registration method.

For example, soda companies often run giveaways where they put registration codes at the bottom of their bottle caps. Of course, that means you must buy the product for eligibility. But for those companies to classify their giveaways as “sweepstakes,” they have to include a free AMOE.

Additionally, a fast-food franchise offering entry to a sweepstakes to customers paying for a meal using mobile order pay must offer an AMOE at no cost, such as a free online entry.

Choosing The Right AMOE For Your Sweepstakes

While offering several AMOE options will theoretically widen your net and attract more enrollees, going overboard with AMOE can do more harm than good.

Remaining selective with your AMOE and choosing proper fits will give you less to deal with, and it can help you save money in the short term, make money in the long term, and ultimately make your life easier.


Though AMOE is free for sweepstakes entrants, some cost companies more than they’re willing to pay. For example, setting up a website to advertise your giveaway, post the terms and conditions, and give customers a place to enroll can attract more people thanks to its one-stop-shop convenience, but you must pay server fees to keep it up.

Utilizing social media as an AMOE can be a cost-free alternative to a website. While you might not reach as many people depending on your social media presence, you won’t pay anything if your only sign-up qualification is having people like or share a post.

Long Term Benefits

Gathering information on your clients is one of sweepstakes’ most significant business advantages. When entrants sign up with forms that require their name, phone number, and email address, you can reach out again when you have a different giveaway or promotion.

Of course, not every AMOE requests that much information. And quick and easy entry methods like social media shares won’t give you any useful information for future business.

Easier to Manage

Certain AMOEs are quicker and more straightforward to manage. For example, if all your entrants sign up online, you can sort through their data in minutes, while an entire sweepstakes of entrants who sign-up with hand-written letters will take hours to organize.

Learn More About AMOE with The National Sweepstakes Company

The National Sweepstakes company can set your business up with the right AMOE and a well-functioning sweepstakes event. Our team of sweepstakes administration experts knows how to get the most out of every giveaway and can’t wait to help you launch one next.

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