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Prizes?  Who needs prizes? You need them, and we know how to get them for you! 

Although you may already have some of your prizing on hand, it can be daunting trying to determine the prizes you want to award, let alone purchasing and distributing them to the winners.

From trips, cars and cash to electronics, customized prize packs, insured prizes and everything in between, NSC’s in-house fulfillment team will purchase the goods and ship them off to your winners.


While we can procure all of your prizing for you, our spacious warehouse will receive, log and store any existing prizing you may have purchased yourself and facilitate the fulfillment when the time comes.

Quotes are always free!  Let us create a custom prize-fulfillment solution for you.


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  • Research prize options based upon entrant demographic and client budget and provide detailed list of options to client
  • Procurement of trips, cruises, cars, electronics, customized prize packs, etc.
  • Fulfillment includes:
    • Receipt of prizing, inventory
    • Count & log, storage
    • Materials and packing
    • Shipping labels
    • Congratulatory letters
    • Affixing labels and postage and shipping prizes directly to winner

Facilitate insurance policy purchased through underwriter based upon the odds of the promotion and value of prize


Many ingredients go in to making the perfect promotional recipe – advertising, timing, budget, and then some. But, one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful promotion is to think like a consumer.
So what do consumers want anyway? AWESOME PRIZES.

Award multiple prizes

Award at least one larger prize (such as $5,000 cash or a trip), along with as many secondary prizes as your budget will allow. The more chances to win “something” (maybe even the “Big Something”), the more likely a person is to take the time to enter and brag.

Make your winners VIP

No matter the size or value of the prize, make them feel like they are your top priority by answering their questions and responding to their inquiries in a timely fashion. Remember, a happy winner is positive PR for YOU!

Think about taxes

Try to keep the value of the grand prize reasonable. Although most winners won’t have an issue with the tax implication on a $40,000 prize, the tax liability on a prize of a $140,000 might break the bank.

Ready to get started?  Let’s brainstorm!