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You may have heard it’s impossible to run an international promotion, but that’s just not the case!  International promotions are quite possible with the help of a knowledgeable partner.


NSC has years of experience administering sweepstakes and contests in countries all over the world.  We will ensure the promotion structure is compliant and rules are written in accordance with the laws of the applicable countries included, handle all necessary translations, obtain registrations, permits and handle all applicable submissions to agencies, and facilitate the administration of all other promotion elements, including winner selection, winner notification, prize procurement, fulfillment and tax paperwork.

In order to ensure the utmost compliance with any promotion running in another country, we have established relationships with excellent attorneys worldwide.


It’s true that promotions involving other countries can become tricky and costly depending upon which countries you would like to include. In fact, some countries prohibit promotions and games of chance and/or have specific requirements when opening a promotion to residents of their country.

We make it easy.

Strategic Parterships

We have strategic partnerships with international legal counsel in several countries. There is no reason why running an international promotion should be difficult. You just need the right people in your corner!

International Law Compliance

We’ll help you determine the best way to structure your promotion so that you can include international residents while ensuring compliance with US and international law. If it' possible, we'll help make it happen.

Registrations & Permitting

Certain international promotions will require registrations and permitting in the country of origin. We'll facilitate this for you prior to promotion launch.

Translation Services

Our experienced translation team will translate your Official Rule and promotional materials into the languages required to ensure compliance.


  • Legal review of promotion structure and Official Rules to ensure compliance with country’s laws and regulations

  • Official Rules adaptation to suit legal requirements

  • Acquire all applicable bonds, registrations and licenses

Translation of promotional documents, including but not limited to Official Rules, creative, advertising, promotion website, notifications, etc.

See our Entry Collection page for details.

Please see our Prize Fulfillment page for details

Please see our Interactive Games page for details


When it comes to running an international promotion, you may opt to open it up to a specific country or multiple countries (including or excluding the US). While we can provide feedback and assistance on any country you choose, there are a few countries our client's request most.


It seems easy enough to include residents of Canada in your international sweepstakes or contest. But, you’ll need to think twice before opening and advertising your promotion to Canada residents without first taking a couple of extra steps. 


Depending upon your promotion structure, you may have to register with the Régie, and no matter your promotion structure you will definitely have to translate your promotional materials into French (yes, we recommend translating all of them). 

We provide translation services and can facilitate bonds / registrations with the Régie.

Canada resident winners must complete a skill testing question (typically a three to four step math question) before receiving a prize in a game of chance. 

NSC will administer the skill testing question, and advise on the best way to distribute to winners.

Like most countries, Canada (whether you include Quebec or not) has certain requirements when it comes to the language included in the full Official Rules and legal disclaimers.

We’ll draft the required documents and, if needed have them reviewed by outside Canada legal counsel.

United Kingdom

If you have a strong demographic there, the UK is a fairly simple region to to host your international promotion. Here are the basics:


Data collection and transfer laws must be adhered to. 

The UK has some pretty strict requirements when it comes to collecting and “Transferring” data from the UK to the US.  We will help set this up and can assist in the processing of entries.

A “free” method of entry or AMOE (“Alternate Method of Entry”) is not required for a free prize draws in the UK. 

If you are incorporating other countries that do require the AMOE, it will need to be offered to UK residents too.

The term “Sweepstakes” is not commonly used in the UK. This type of promotion is known as a “free prize draw” and the term “Promotion” can be used to describe it. 

We’ll make sure the Official Rules account for the applicable US and UK language.


Promotions in France require a bit more administration than those in Canada or the UK. There are specific rules relating to the operation of the promotions you run there.  Breaches of these rules could be punishable under the French Consumer Code, with maximum administrative fines of €75,000 (around $80k USD).  Our French counsel has advised compliance, as France has been known to enforce their sweepstakes and contest related guidelines.  Here’s what you need to be doing:


Promotion may be required to be filed with French bailiff prior to promotion start. 

We’ll let you know if its required and handle the submissions for you.

Among other things (ensuring a compliant structure and proper standard legal language, time zone requirements, etc.), all rules must be translated in French. 

We’ll handle the translations for you and ensure the proper language is articulated in the official rules.

Promotion may be required to be filed with French bailiff prior to promotion start. 

We’ll let you know if its required and handle the submissions for you.

Promotion may be required to be filed with French bailiff prior to promotion start. 

We’ll let you know if its required and handle the submissions for you.


Contests open and advertised in Germany can be problematic if you are driving the purchase of a product. Further, some social network policies do not comply with German data protection law, so we’ll want to look at that carefully upon structuring the promotion.  Here’s a few additional things to consider:



Terms and conditions (and other corresponding documents & advertising) needs to be translated into German.

We’ll handle that for you.

German laws dictate that Official Rules for sweepstakes be transparent, clear, and unambiguous. So, certain material terms of the promotion must be disclosed in a particular way (such as German local times, descriptions of winner notification processes, etc.).

We will ensure all of the applicable material terms are disclosed upon writing the Official Rules.

We see language surrounding the Entrants “Waiver of Rights” in US based Official Rules. However, an Entrant’s proposed waiver of any right to claim ambiguity in a Contest or the Official Rules would be regarded as an inappropriate discrimination under German consumer protection law and therefore should not apply within Germany.

It can get complex and confusing – especially when your promotion is open up to more than one country. We’ve got you covered.

Ready to get started?  Let’s brainstorm.